Sales Assessments

The smarter way to identify and develop top Salespeople. Discover the true capabilities of your sales team with our comprehensive assessments. Tailored to resonate with your industry and vision, our sales assessments delve into a candidate’s innate sales skills, personality traits, and practical reasoning abilities.

Guaranteed to boost Sales Performance

As a SHL Channel Partner for over a decade, we have access to years of wisdom through their data driven insights. Latest research of over 14,000 B2B sales professionals discovered the behaviours that lead to high sales performance have changed.

This led to a validated Sales Transformation Model that assesses what is required in B2B selling today. The assessments guarantee a boost in sales performance and when combined with SME Sales system can help you achieve growth at scale.

Unlock Business Growth


Increased likelihood for sales teams to meet their quota, when guided by SHL’s critical people insights.

Delight Your Customers


Increased likelihood your sellers will be rated as top performers when they closely collaborate with customers.

Deliver Exceptional Results


Increased likelihood your sellers will exceed targets when talent management aligns with business strategy.


Our lead Consulting team each bring over 15years practical experience and are formally accredited in several assessments.  We offer a range of Selection and Development solutions for Salespeople, Sales Managers, Leaders, and their Teams.  We will help you navigate the assessments options and make the best choice for your business.

Predict sales performance

Take the guesswork out of selecting high performers.  Build sales development programs that focus on what the sales team needs most. Measure skills and mindset to help select and develop your sales team to excel and drive performance


Get a look “under the bonnet” before you employ a salesperson.  Discover their key strengths, how best to manage and lead them to perform at their best.

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Identify and fast-track sales development by designing personalised training that will have an immediate impact on sales results. 

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Understand your Leadership capabilities to coach the sales team. Assessments promote fairness, accuracy and standardisation in the selection and development process so the sales team can excel. 

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Make critical decisions about your sales team easier. Gain a deeper insight into sales capabilities and predict future performance. Want to know more?

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How Sales Assessments Uncover Hidden Potential in Your Team

” …imperative for driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge.”

Sales assessments are a powerful tool for businesses looking to maximize their team’s performance. In the competitive landscape of SMEs, understanding the strengths and areas for improvement within your sales force is not just beneficial—it’s imperative for driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Sales assessments provide a clear picture of each team member’s abilities, offering insights into where they excel and where they may require additional support or training. By evaluating skills, behavioural traits, and competencies, assessments help managers tailor their coaching and development strategies to individual needs, ensuring that each salesperson can perform at their best.

Enhancing Team Composition

A well-rounded sales team is composed of individuals with diverse but complementary skills. Sales assessments help identify these unique attributes, allowing leaders to strategically assemble a team where members can learn from one another and collectively contribute to the team’s success. This strategic composition not only leverages existing talents but also fosters a collaborative environment where hidden potential can be discovered and nurtured.

Driving Personalized Development Plans

One size does not fit all when it comes to professional development. Sales assessments provide the data necessary to create personalized development plans for each salesperson. By understanding their specific needs, managers can offer targeted training that addresses gaps and builds upon existing strengths. This personalized approach not only accelerates individual growth but also contributes to the overall performance of the sales team.

Boosting Morale and Motivation

Recognizing and developing hidden potential has a positive impact on team morale. When salespeople feel their unique talents are acknowledged and cultivated, their engagement and motivation levels rise. This heightened morale leads to increased productivity and a willingness to go above and beyond in their roles, driving sales and fostering a positive team culture.

Supporting Career Advancement

Sales assessments can play a crucial role in career advancement. By highlighting a salesperson’s potential, assessments can pave the way for promotions and new opportunities within the company. This not only benefits the individual by providing a clear pathway for growth, but also benefits the organization by retaining top talent and developing future leaders from within.

See why high performing sales businesses are choosing us.

Tim Smith - Head of Sales at CompassCorp

My mandate, or charter here, is to put a lot more science into getting the right people. We’ve correlated what makes a good salesperson. When I do find someone, we do some testing through Salesmasters, and then I get an extensive report on how they sell, what their selling profile is, and whether they are going to fit with our business. We identify, based on several questions, how they sell, what motivates them, and what drives them, and then I get an understanding of how to manage them.


Troy Shalhlut - CEO at Cleanworks Australia

The assessments have been instrumental in streamlining our hiring process and ensuring that we bring in the right talent for our team. The insights gained from these assessments have not only saved us time and resources but have also contributed significantly to our overall success and development of our salespeople. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Salesmasters and utilising their assessments and expertise for several years now, and I must say, it has made a significant difference for our business.

A headshot of a sales man

Tony Wright - Director at Bus 4x4

Salesmasters helped us through the process of hiring a Business Development Manager ensuring we gathered all relevant information to make the most informed decision when recruiting this high-profile staff member. With a very structured process and professional service we will without doubt apply the same strategy into the future.

Sales Assesment FAQs.

How are the assessments administered?

For ease and quick turnaround, all assessments are administered online. All we need is first name, surname, and email address to get things started.

How can I get feedback on the results?

Standard reports are produced once the assessments are completed. At times, we also prepare customised reports to assist in selection and development decisions. Our accredited consultants are also available to offer online feedback sessions to both you as the Client and the salesperson to unpack and bring meaning to their results.

How do I prepare my salesperson and team for completing assessments?

There are many ways to support participants before and after they complete assessments.  

  • Ensure they have sufficient time to complete the questionnaires.  
  • Schedule the best time of the day for them when they are able to concentrate and think objectively.
  • Consider using some of the SHL practice questions available.
  • Encourage them to take a break between tasks particularly if they have been asked to complete more than one questionnaire.
Do you have a sample report you can send me?

Yes, we have sample reports and fact sheets with further information for all of our assessments. Click the link below to tell us more about your specific needs.

Want to make critical decisions about your sales team easier? Gain a deeper understanding of their sales capabilities and predict their performance.