Case Study

Abco – How We Increases Sales Performance By 35%


  • 35% Increase in Sales Performance
  • 50% Productivity by Day 31


How a cohesive sales strategy unlocked sales performance.

Abco is a trusted supplier of commercial cleaning products and equipment with a national footprint. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Abco provides a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of commercial cleaning operations across various industries. With a revenue of $65 million and over 110 employees headquartered in Bentley, WA, Abco aims to rapidly scale its business to meet growing market demands.


Taking Abco To The Next Level


Abco was grappling with several critical issues that hindered their sales performance. Despite engaging various sales development companies and consultants, the company’s previous “piecemeal” approach to upskilling and enabling its sales team of approximately 20 employees failed to deliver sustainable results.

The lack of a cohesive strategy resulted in fragmented efforts and inconsistent outcomes. With an aggressive revenue timeline, Abco’s leadership identified the need for a comprehensive strategy that addresses the effectiveness of their sales teams at the organizational, team, and individual levels.

Additionally, there were challenges related to role clarity, process consistency, and effective onboarding of new salespeople.


Salesmasters delivered an integrated approach to enhance the overall effectiveness of Abco’s sales teams by focusing on strategy, structure, and key performance factors. This included the following steps:

  1. Team Engagement: Programmed internal communication with team briefings to explain the project’s purpose and facilitate smooth communication and support during the implementation phase.
  2. Optimised Sales Structure: Through a process mapping workshop and review, Salesmasters ensured alignment with growth goals.
  3. Role Definition and Clarity: Achieved through detailed success profiles clarifying roles, responsibilities, expected behaviors, and key performance metrics.
  4. Sales Process Design & Documentation: Best practices captured through a sales process mapping workshop against the value chain, which was then used to onboard new salespeople, providing a clear framework for the sales team.
  5. Sales Capability Maturity Planning: Assessed and planned for sales team capability improvements and development against the sales maturity model.
  6. Enhanced the Recruitment Process: Equipped managers with tools for effective candidate evaluation, streamlining the recruitment process.
  7. Account Management Development Program: Enhanced skills specific to managing key accounts, ensuring a more focused approach.
  8. Sales Manager Coaching: Provided ongoing coaching to sales managers to ensure sustained performance improvements.
  9. In-field Ongoing Skills Development Coaching: Supported all salespeople with practical, in-field coaching led by management, reinforcing skills and strategies.


  • 35% Increase in Sales Performance The new strategy exceeded budget expectations by 35%, ensuring aggressive forecasts were on track.
  • 80% Productivity by Day 31 New hires were onboarded effectively, reaching 80% productivity within the first month.
  • Improved Sales Team Structure Optimised roles and responsibilities, leading to more effective team dynamics.
  • Enhanced Training Programs Tailored training programs for consumables and equipment sales teams improved overall capabilities.
  • Higher Sales Morale The sales team showed higher confidence and resilience, adopting the new sales process enthusiastically.
  • Healthier Sales Pipelines The structured approach led to more confirmed work over longer timeframes, resulting in healthier sales pipelines.


"Partnering with Salesmasters has been transformative for Abco. Their holistic approach and expertise have significantly improved our sales processes and team capabilities. We're confident in achieving our ambitious growth targets with Salesmasters by our side."

Craig Dowell, Director