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Australian Tyre Traders Case Study

by | Jun 23, 2023

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Find out how we helped Australian Tyre Traders build a high-performing sales team and benefit from 44 months of record growth.

The Client

Australian Tyre Traders are Australia’s largest family-owned tyre wholesalers specialising in delivering Australian-designed and engineered tyres purpose-built for Australia’s unique conditions. Their truck, bus, agricultural and off-road tyre engineers manage end-to-end design from the initial concept through to the manufactured product.

Australian Tyre Traders’ quick stats:

  • 150 dealers Australian-wide
  • 20 strong sales team
  • 12 warehouse locations

Australian Tyre Traders has been a valued client of Salesmasters for over seven years. During this time, we have helped engineer their sales processes and conducted ongoing sales training and development for their sales team.

The Challenge

In 2016, Salesmasters was invited to pitch to the directors of Australian Tyre Traders to assist with developing their sales team. Equipped with the business nous to understand that they were really in the business of sales, not tyres, the Australian Tyre Traders directors saw the benefit of building a world-class sales team to grow their business.

The Solution

Salesmasters has continued to play an active role in the training and the development of the Australian Tyre Traders sales team, this has included sales skills development, behavioural training around confidence and resilience and management development training for State Managers to ensure they were getting the best out of their direct reports. 

Each training session has been customised to each salesperson and what they need to become more effective and efficient in the eight steps of the Australian Tyre Traders sales process. We have also conducted specific sales training for their dealer network to help them become more effective in their sales endeavours.

Now reaping the benefits of a high-performing sales team, our focus has been on developing sales processes, KPIs and a complete onboarding system aligned to their values, ethics, and culture to take their sales team to the next level and fast-track the performance of recruits.

The Results

  • 44 months of record growth 
  • Four years month-on-month growth
  • Highly skilled and proficient sales team that has gone from good to great
  • Continual professional growth and improvement within the sales team 
  • Clear onboarding system and sales processes


“While we design and engineer tyres, we know that ultimately our business is in sales. We can have good leadership and a strong culture, but without a sales team that converts our business ceases. Salesmasters has given us clear sales processes and consistent improvement within our sales team and this has been critical to us enjoying year-on-year growth.”

Shane Morrissey, Director, Australian Tyre Traders

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