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Bishopp Case Study

by | Jun 28, 2023

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Bishopp has a salesforce dispersed across QLD and NZ with the leaders based in Brisbane.

There was a requirement to ensure that the sales team are adequately trained and regardless of where the team are located, they utilise a consistent sales process that aligns with the Bishopp brand and way of doing business.

There was also a key risk identified around organisational sales knowledge being held by the top performers, with 70% of the sales were being generated by two salespeople.

The opportunity was to extract this information and develop a range of tools to embed within the People Development Plan.


Salesmasters International partnered with Bishopp to develop a range of tools to assist with these challenges. Each of these tools were complementary – using information gleaned from the Process Map workshop and competencies identified within the Success Profiles as the foundation.

It was also important that these tools integrated with existing Bishopp tools and templates where appropriate.  These included updating the job descriptions, developing interview guides, tools for Managers to help with coaching conversations and an onboarding plan that outlined the program for new salespeople for the first 90days of employment.


Salesmasters International engaged with Bishopp throughout the project with workshops, one to one interview, review of existing tools and check in meetings.  Our priority was to ensure we delivered solutions that solved genuine business needs. And to do that we needed to spend time getting to know the business and what approaches would work.


What Salesmasters were able to do for us was capture why Bishopp have been successful and develop a comprehensive set of tools to support the business growth.  I have no doubt that the work we have done together will provide us that step change we were looking for – particularly in how we assess talent and onboard team members into the future.

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