Case Study

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising – How We Increased Sales By 22%


  • 22% Increase in Sales
  • 40% Improvement in Team Performance Visibility
  • 91 days to new hire productivity


Reduced Risk by Extracting Sales IP from Top Performers to Elevate Team Performance

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising is a leading player in the outdoor advertising industry, known for its extensive network of billboards and innovative advertising solutions across Queensland and New Zealand. With a strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Bishopp has established itself as a prominent figure in the market, consistently driving results for its clients through impactful advertising campaigns.


Taking Bishopp Outdoor Advertising To The Next Level


Bishopp’s salesforce, dispersed across Queensland and New Zealand, faced challenges in maintaining a consistent sales process and standard of performance. With leadership based in Brisbane, ensuring that the sales team adhered to the Bishopp brand and business practices was critical.

A significant challenge emerged: 70% of all revenue was produced by two top performers, indicating that critical sales knowledge was concentrated within a few individuals. This posed both revenue and operational risks to the business if this knowledge was not effectively shared and embedded within the organization.

Additionally, there was a need to streamline the recruitment, onboarding, and development processes to support long-term growth.


  1. Sales Playbook Documented the sales process against the value chain to create a comprehensive sales playbook, providing a clear framework for the entire sales team to follow and ensuring consistency across all locations.
  2. Updated Job Descriptions Clear roles and responsibilities reflecting required competencies.
  3. Interview Guides Streamlined recruitment process to identify and select the right talent.
  4. Accountable Coaching Guide for Managers Enhanced coaching conversations and supported performance management.
  5. Behavioural Coaching Guides Identified development needs and facilitated self-assessment and manager assessments.
  6. In-Field Buddying Program Paired experienced employees with new starters to build capability and ensure smooth integration into the team.
  7. Onboarding Plan Structured program for the first 90 days of employment to ensure a consistent and thorough onboarding experience.
  8. These tools provided the structure required to build processes enabling the business to scale effectively. Salesmasters engaged with Bishopp through workshops, one-on-one interviews, and regular check-in meetings to ensure that the solutions addressed genuine business needs and integrated seamlessly with existing tools and templates.


  • Culture Shift Fostered a mindset of knowledge sharing across the business, leading to higher customer satisfaction and team performance.
  • Sales Growth Achieved a 22% increase in sales, driving sustainable business growth.
  • Positive Behaviours Embedded positive behaviours within the sales team, which became deeply ingrained in the company culture.
  • Productive New Hires New team members quickly learned how to succeed, becoming productive by day 91 and adopting established behaviours.
  • Improved Visibility 40% improvement in visibility of team performance through in-field coaching within a month after implementation.


"Having a high-performing sales team is directly linked to our profitability. Historically, we put a lot of focus on this part of our business. What Salesmasters were able to do for us was capture why we have been successful and develop a comprehensive set of tools to support us in growing our business. I have no doubt that the work we have done together will provide us with the step change we were looking for—particularly in how we assess talent and onboard team members in the future."

Dominic Lis, Sales Director, Bishopp