Case Study

Bus 4×4 – Improved Leadership Alignment drove Future Sales Success



Improved Leadership Alignment drove Future Sales Success

Bus 4×4 is a provider of 4×4 conversion kits and bus transport solutions, known for its expertise in off-road and all-terrain vehicle modifications. The company has established a strong presence in the automotive industry, focusing on quality and reliability.


Taking Bus 4x4 To The Next Level


Bus 4×4 had embarked on expansion plans into new markets and had some major business system upgrades underway.  With the appointment of four new division heads in the previous 24months.  There were immediate concerns about the performance of some of these new Manager’s as well as their leadership capability to take the business to the next level.


To address these challenges, a structured coaching program was implemented to enhance team performance through a multi-stage approach:

  1. Diagnose & Engage: Conducted workshops and 1-to-1 interviews with each team member and selected stakeholders, completed team diagnostics, and determined candidates for individual leadership coaching.
  2. Co-Design Team Coaching: Designed and agreed on the team coaching journey that consisted of half day workshops and individual coaching that aligned with business operational needs.
  3. Workshop 1 & 2: Establish the Foundations.  Collaboratively developed the values, purpose, commitments and behaviours of the desired Bus 4×4 culture.
  4. Individual Coaching:  Completed Leadership Circle 360 profiles for all leadership team.
  5. Workshop 3 – 8:  Established an aligned a Bus 4×4 leadership team and coaching them on how to create and maintain their desired organisational culture, how to improve the execution of strategy and how to lead sustainable change at all levels of the business.
  6. Evaluation: Reviewed progress, evaluated against measures of success, and determined ROI.
  7. This program included a mix of face-to-face and virtual workshops, sharing of materials, 1-to-1 coaching, team coaching, and re-contracting meetings. Observational coaching of leaders and their teams also took place during the program.


  • Leadership Alignment Created a cultural context that people can align with and developed the leadership capabilities needed to create and maintain that alignment.
  • Sustainable Growth Established a foundation for future scalability and success.
  • Improved Team Dynamics Enhanced leadership team functionality and collaboration through open sharing of leadership assessment results and the key learning from workshops.
  • Role Clarity and Performance Clear definitions and expectations for roles developed an communicated across teams resulting in improved performance.


"Salesmasters has provided us with a structured approach to improve how we operate, addressing the root causes of our challenges. Ralph and the team have challenged us and made us think 'outside the box'. We are working more effectively and efficiently as a team, which has significantly improved our performance and set us on a path to sustainable growth. The expertise and structured process has been instrumental in aligning our leadership and enhancing our team’s effectiveness."

Phil Hargreaves, Director, Bus 4x4