Case Study

eQA – Establishing the Building Blocks of Sales



Establishing the Building Blocks of Sales

For over two decades, eQA has assisted businesses in developing effective Quality Assurance (QA) systems to achieve accreditation. Their commitment to providing simple and workable QA systems tailored to business needs has established eQA as a trusted advisor to their loyal client base. eQA has been a valued client of Salesmasters since 2022.


Taking eQA To The Next Level


Director Murray Spiers, with a strong dislike for sales but a desire to generate more clients, approached Salesmasters. eQA struggled with an inconsistent and ineffective approach to sales, lacking a structured process and authentic messaging.

The challenge was to develop a highly customised sales approach that would resonate with potential clients and boost results from business development activities.


Salesmasters provided a comprehensive solution to address eQA’s challenges:

  1. Authentic Messaging: Crafted an elevator pitch and key messaging that felt genuine to Murray and resonated with potential clients.
  2. Accountability Structure: Implemented weekly activity metrics to track calls made, appointments secured, proposals sent, and business won.
  3. Ongoing Mentoring: Provided continuous support through role-playing, training, and encouragement to help Murray refine his approach and improve his sales performance.
  4. Cold Calling Approach: Designed and documented a best-practice cold calling approach, including prework strategies, scripting, conversation starters, client-centric conversations, techniques for closing meetings, follow-up strategies, and role plays.
  5. eQA Elevator Pitch: Developed a ‘3 stage’ pitch designed to resonate with targets and methods to close initial meetings.
  6. eQA Qualification Framework: Created the BANT model (Budget, Need, Authority, Timeframes) for qualifying prospects and trial closing to confirm next steps, reinforced through role plays.


  • Enhanced Sales Approach Developed an effective and authentic business development approach.
  • Improved Sales Conversions Established clear activity metrics, leading to improved sales conversions.
  • Continuous Improvement Provided ongoing support and mentoring, ensuring continuous improvement in sales performance.


"If you are serious about growing your business, talk to Salesmasters. Do not ask around, do not Google, just go to Salesmasters. Believe me, I have seen and heard it all, but Salesmasters have been the only ones to deliver. Furthermore, if you want verification of this testimonial – call me direct."

Murray Spiers, Director, eQA