Case Study

Levanta – How We Increased Revenue By 48%


  • 48% Increase in Revenue
  • 90-Day Reduction in Sales Cycle


How We Focused Sales Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Levanta, a long-term client, has collaborated on multiple projects to enhance its sales and customer service capabilities, focusing on building a sustainable growth strategy.


Taking Levanta To The Next Level


Levanta’s sales team lacked direction and was working at full capacity, pursuing every opportunity, including many dead ends. This scattergun approach caused them to lose sight of more promising prospects, hindering growth. Additionally, the Directors were unable to see a clear path to scale the sales team effectively. Recognising the need for more meaningful customer interactions, Levanta also aimed to improve communication within its Service, Customer Service, and Internal Teams to better reflect the customer journey.


To address these challenges, a structured approach was implemented to enhance Levanta’s sales capability:

  1. Fast Start Sales Plan: Developed a clear “fast start” sales plan, articulating where to play and where not to play, providing the team with much-needed focus.
  2. Qualification Measures: Introduced tried and tested qualification measures (BAT: Budget, Authority, Timeframe) to ensure the sales team focused on the most lucrative opportunities, minimizing wasted time and energy.
  3. Structured Process: Implemented a structured approach that allowed the sales team to concentrate on high-potential opportunities and foster a culture of accountability and success.
  4. Customer Language Framework: Improved communication within Service, Customer Service, and Internal Teams by introducing a meaningful language framework that aligns with the customer journey. This coaching focused on tone, voice, and ensuring straightforward and effective communication.


  • 48% Increase in Revenue Achieved within 8 weeks of the training.
  • 90-Day Reduction in Sales Cycle Deals progressed more efficiently, with the average closure time reducing from 120 days to 30 days.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction Reduction in discounting accompanied by greater client satisfaction built on true value.
  • Enhanced Reporting Accuracy Consistent processes helped the sales team and managers understand where opportunities were in the pipeline, improving decision-making.
  • Positive Behaviours These were built into the sales team and became deeply ingrained, ensuring new hires quickly adapted and succeeded.
  • Effective Onboarding New team members quickly learned how to succeed by following the established process and behaviours.


"Levanta faced significant challenges with our sales team lacking direction and chasing unproductive opportunities, which hindered our growth. The support provided helped develop a clear sales plan, introduced effective qualification measures, and provided personalized guidance through extensive experience. This collaboration led to sustainable business growth and deeply ingrained positive behaviours within the sales team. As new members join, they quickly adapt and succeed, thanks to the established positive practices. The guidance acts with utmost integrity and honesty, holding employees and management accountable to agreed outcomes, which drives accountability and results."

Lester Sharples, Director, Levanta