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Levanta Case Study

by | Jun 28, 2023

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Levanta sales team lacked direction and were working at full capacity.  Directors found they were chasing everything, they wanted their sales team to get focused on what they were best at. The team were chasing every opportunity and finding a lot of them were dead.  They had also lost sight of other more promising opportunities.  This challenge was slowing down growth.  The Directors couldn’t see a way to scale the sales team.


Salesmasters worked side by side with the team to develop a “fast start” sales plan, this clearly articulated where to play and where not play which gave the team focus. Salesmasters also introduced some tried and tested qualification measures to ensure our sales team were focusing on the most lucrative opportunities.

Peter personally seeks to understand the issues and provides inspiration for us to find solution, he has had an array of experience and relays original, tried & tested sales principals intertwined with modern day technology and understanding.


We have been able to grow the business sustainably, we have also built positive behaviours into the sales team that are now deeply ingrained. We are finding now as we start to add more people into the team, they are quicker at finding out how to succeed and are fast to adopt the behaviours as they are rehearsed across the team. Peter acts with utmost integrity & honesty, he respectfully holds employees and management to account on agreed outcomes which drives accountality and importantly results.

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