Case Study

Origin Energy: Achieving 76.6% Renewal Rate


  • 6% Renewal Rate Achieved by the Tier 2 sales team
  • 1,000 additional calls made compared to the previous year
  • 300 staff members participated
  • 30% increase in positive customer feedback


Overcoming Sales Team Alignment Challenges to Achieve 76.6% Renewal Rate

Origin Energy is a leading Australian energy company involved in electricity generation, natural gas production, and retailing. They operate various power stations across Australia and are committed to transitioning towards cleaner energy solutions.


Taking Origin Energy To The Next Level


Origin Energy faced a significant hurdle in aligning their sales team to drive business growth. Despite having a team of Business Development Managers (BDMs), the company struggled with understanding how everyone’s personality impacted their sales approach.

This lack of insight led to inconsistent sales techniques and a disconnect in adapting to different customer segments. The urgency to realign internal processes and resources to support sales infrastructure became apparent as the company aimed for substantial growth.

The struggle was compounded by the need to gain buy-in from the sales team for a unified sales strategy and to adapt to a dynamic and competitive market environment.


To tackle these challenges, a comprehensive program was implemented focusing on key areas:

  1. Personality Profiling: Conducted assessments to understand the strengths and development areas of each BDM, facilitating tailored development plans.
  2. Training and Development: Delivered targeted training sessions on strategic planning, effective telephone techniques, understanding buyer behaviour, face-to-face sales processes, listening skills, and territory management.
  3. Call Quality and Feedback: Assessed over 1,500 calls to identify areas of improvement, providing detailed feedback to enhance customer engagement. This led to a 30% increase in positive customer feedback and a 25% reduction in call handling time.
  4. Recruitment Support: Helped with phone interviews and critiqued recorded prospecting calls to refine the hiring process and enhance sales skills.


  • Increased Activity: The number of calls made by the sales team increased by over 1,000 compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • Improved Call Quality: Enhanced call quality and feedback mechanisms resulted in a 30% increase in positive customer feedback and a 25% reduction in call handling time, leading to higher engagement levels with prospects and customers.
  • Renewal Rates: The Tier 1 team achieved a renewal rate of 63.9%, while the Tier 2 team reached 76.6%, marking a significant improvement since the start of the training program.