Case Study

Titan Garages and Sheds – Reducing Onboarding Time By 50%


  • 50% Reduction in Onboarding Time
  • 20 tailored sales training videos


Halving Onboarding Time with Tailored Training

Titan Garages and Sheds, established in 1991, has grown to be one of the largest and most successful steel building manufacturers in Queensland. With over 150,000 garages and sheds sold, 30 years in business, 27 locations, and a 17-strong sales team, Titan has built a reputation for quality and reliability.


Taking Titan Garages and Sheds To The Next Level


At the end of 2022, Titan Garages and Sheds faced a significant challenge in retaining salespeople. The onboarding process was tedious and complex due to the nature of the product and the legal and local government obligations associated with installing a shed or garage. This complexity overwhelmed new sales recruits, leading to high turnover within the sales team.


To address these challenges, a tailored approach was implemented to streamline and enhance the onboarding process:

  • Re-engineering the Sales Process: Simplified the complex sales process by creating an induction and onboarding system specifically designed for what a salesperson needed to know and understand.
  • Sales Playbook: Developed a comprehensive sales playbook containing all the tips, tricks, and tools necessary for a sales professional at Titan to succeed.
  • Interactive System: Created an interactive PDF with an accompanying library of training videos, allowing the sales team to take responsibility for their own development and access relevant information and training quickly and easily.


  • 50% Reduction in Onboarding Time New sales recruits are now up to speed in half the time, reducing onboarding from 360 days to 180 days.
  • Increased Sales Team Efficiency The straightforward onboarding and sales system ensures consistency and confidence across the 17-strong sales team.
  • Enhanced Sales Management The sales manager can focus on managing and developing the team instead of resolving issues.
  • Comprehensive Training Resources Developed a business-specific library of over 20 tailored sales training videos covering various aspects of the sales process, from initial contact to closing.


"Salesmasters has given us a genuine business asset that maps our entire sales cycle and documents every part of the process. It used to take 360 days to get a new salesperson up to speed on our business. Now, we do it in 180 days. Not only that, but our sales team is far more confident in what they say and do. That makes a massive difference to our return on investment."

Reeve Kruck, Owner, Titan Garages and Sheds