5 Sales mistakes to avoid in FY2022-23

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From overselling to not understanding the prospect, there are many common sales mistakes that can significantly impact your business growth and revenue.   In this new financial year, train your sales teams to avoid these 5 most common sales mistakes: ❌ Not Qualifying the leads Poor quality leads will only make the pipeline more complex,

How to Handle Tough Questions from a Lead

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Handling Tough Questions We all get them. Being asked tough questions is part of the sales process; and rightly so. Our customers want to do their due diligence, to know that they are getting exactly what they need to solve their problem, to meet their needs to to address their challenge. For the unprepared,

Dealing With Daily Sales Objections

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Dealing with daily sales objections Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, it seems, for many customers, inaction or procrastination has never been more common. During this time, businesses are reviewing their entire business. So how do you communicate to customers the benefits of purchasing, or even continuing to utilise your product or service? This webinar

Small Business Selling

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Having meaningful sales conversations with your customers As COVID-19 changes the selling landscape and how we do business, some things remain the same. At the end of the day, people are well, still people. Customers want and need to hold engaging conversations with SME providers and suppliers. These conversations need to be transparent, authentic and

Selling in a Post COVID-19 World

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With COVID-19 affecting our professional lives and personal focus, SME’s need to rethink how they engage and communicate with customers and new lead opportunities. Join Peter McKeon, Founder and Executive Director at Salesmasters International Pty Ltd as he walks you through a series of practicable, ethical sales techniques that work in a post COVID –

How consciously competent are you?

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It’s a fact that no one is born knowing how to sell, the saying “born to sell” or “natural seller” is in fact codswallop. The art of selling is a “learned” skill and it takes guts and determination to get it right. Sales is the highest paying job on Earth, it out pays every other