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How consciously competent are you?

by | Oct 8, 2018

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It’s a fact that no one is born knowing how to sell, the saying “born to sell” or “natural seller” is in fact codswallop. The art of selling is a “learned” skill and it takes guts and determination to get it right.

Sales is the highest paying job on Earth, it out pays every other profession, but if you want to excel at sales you’ve got to assess your own skill set and ensure you have what it takes to rise to the top of your profession.

“Sales is the Highest paid hard work and the Lowest paid easy work”

With this in mind, I’d like to talk about a couple of points that I make during my sales training seminars to Project Home Builders. Its something I think you can all “get” something from even from something as simple as this blog post.

I’m sure you understand the term conscious and unconscious – right? So when you are conscious you are aware and when you are unconscious you are unaware.

First up
Skills + Behaviour = competency

Unconscious incompetence
A sales person in this space has no idea that what they are doing is flawed – they believe that what they are doing is correct; they stand in the face of adversity and defend their behaviours. We ALL start here when we learn a new skill. You are not born “knowing”.

Consciously incompetence
The salesperson becomes aware that what they have been doing is incorrect; they acknowledge that there is a better way to sell. They think, “I can be more successful”; “I can double or treble my sales in 6 months”. So they go on a journey of self-discovery to learn new skills. So they start to climb the ladder of adult learning.

Consciously competent
A salesperson reaches this stage when they are still learning the new skill, but their delivery is clunky and unpolished, they are conscious of every word and hand gesture. It’s better, but not there yet.

Unconsciously competent
Salespeople who have climbed the ladder of adult learning do not fear sales. They know how to deliver their sales pitch without thinking because it is just what they do; they are experts in their field and blow away the competition for attaining sales targets.

If you are in the sales profession, ask yourself.

Do you know everything there is to know about how best to sell to your specific set of prospects?

If you do – you must be on a great wicket and you do not need to read any further, but most of us, at some point in our lives need some direction.

It is possible that you may benefit from some proper sales training.

Rate yourself, are you
Unconsciously competent (so the best you can be)
Consciously competent (on the ladder of learning)
Consciously incompetent (You know you need to learn some new skills)
Unconsciously incompetent (You think you’re ok and that everything you do is right, but you don’t sell much).

You know its funny, the most successful people on our planet are people who stay on the adult learning ladder, but the perception for a lot of us is that once we have completed our tertiary studies, school is over and we should all just start earning six figures. Life isn’t like that and as our world evolves and technology and economies change so too should our selling style, because you will be offering different options and using different mechanisms to make it happen too.

Its true that a majority of people who have been in the workforce for a number of years are less keen to undertake additional training because they think that what they have always done will always work, but it won’t and at some point it’ll start to come undone. Being the best at what you do takes effort, passion and drive. But even the flashiest car still needs fuel. So perhaps its time to switch to the premium grade petrol with the added engine cleaner in it and get rid of the junk at the bottom of your tank.

Australia’s population is about to tick over 24.9 million, and is growing at an annual pace of 1.6%, according to data from the ABS. That means that new home builds will continue to increase over the next 30 years to accommodate the growing population. That’s a lot of homes to sell. So ask yourself, wouldn’t you like to be the salesperson that gets a nice slice of that pie? That means you have to be on your game and you need some inside knowledge on how to make that happen.

If you feel that you need to work out how to :

  • Respect potential clients instead of seeing them as potential tyre-kickers
  • Engage with the person as they walk into the display home without scaring them off
  • Acknowledge, validate and address the prospects concerns using appropriate language
  • Relax the client into the meeting with a clear outline of expectations and agenda
  • Understand the prospects budget and any possible constraints without fear
  • Offer them three possible price brackets (triplicate of choice)
  • Understand what they actually want and why (value over price)
  • Be able to deliver options and sell to them using above and below the line techniques
  • Ask for the sale with confidence
  • Walk away from a new client meeting with the clarity of what the next step will be
  • Write quotes for only those prospects that are actually interested in building a home with you
  • Understand how to loose early and save a tonne of wasted time on the Quote n Hope scenario

Then you should contact us to arrange a workshop for you and your sales team.

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