Helping Australian SMEs to grow by revolutionising their sales methodologies, designing custom solutions and holding them accountable until goals are met.

What Our Clients Say …

We’ve been delivering quality solutions to a wide variety of businesses across Australia. Above all, we are here to create a positive impact for the clients we partner with.

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James Paulson – Qld Leaders

Queensland Leaders has worked with Peter McKeon and Salesmasters as our Industry Expert for 8+years.

He has proven himself as an industry leader and is very generous with his knowledge and time in helping our Members achieve their best results.

I would personally recommend Salesmasters to any business seeking his expertise and experience to assist their business.

Peter Curran - Digital Surfer

Salesmasters took me through a process to extract everything that was in my head about Sales to create a customised Sales process.  Every step is now documented into a Sales playbook.  This has allowed us to bring on new salespeople.  The induction process is smooth and they are able to be selling for us on day one.

Jim Westerman - Westbuilt Homes

Peter opened our eyes as to what selling was all about, “helping people!” 

He formulated a sales system specifically for our company and we immediately put it into practice.

The results were instantly evident with a significant increase in customer commitment. From 2016 until 2023 our sales have increased more than 500%. 

Salesmasters provides ongoing training to ensure that our approach to clients is up to date, 

Tim Smith - Compass Corp

We have identified what makes a good salesperson as we have a clear understanding of what their sales profile is. 

Salesmasters provide an extensive report on how they sell and what they’re selling profile is and whether they will be a good fit for our business.

Paul Catlow - JPT Enterprises

Peter proved to be a rare gem, he has a simple and highly effective process for taking people through and helping them embed, practical sales behaviors that give confidence in the sales process and encouragement to try and be successful with the sales process in the real world.

The sales training that Peter offers is above anything I had previously encountered. Our salespeople left his training sessions excited to have a tool bag of techniques that could help them discover clients real needs and offer genuine solutions.  I fully recommend Peter and his methodology, if you want to grow your sales team skills and passion and grow your sales.

Tony Wright Bus - 4x4

Bus 4×4 engaged Salesmasters when we were in the process of growing our business to the next level, part of this growth strategy was engaging a Business Development Manager.

  Salesmasters helped us through the engagement process ensuring we gathered all relevant information to make the most informed decision when recruiting this high-profile staff member. 

With a very structured process and professional service we will without doubt apply the same strategy into the future.

Ben Hitchings - Vincents

Peter’s training was excellent, offering concise, easily understandable and actional steps.  His engaging content and teaching style make the learning process enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Karl Sharples - Levanta

Salesmasters assisted us to come up with a sales plan, this clearly articulated where we do and don’t play which gave the team focus.

Salesmasters also introduced some tried and tested qualification measures to ensure our sales team were focusing on the most lucrative opportunities.

The Salesmasters team seeks to understand the issues and provides inspiration for us to find solutions, they draw on array of experience and helps us implement tried & tested sales principals with modern day technology and understanding.

Peter and the team act with utmost integrity & honesty, they respectfully hold employees and management to account on agreed outcomes which drives accountability and importantly results.

Troy Stahlhut - Cleanworks

The assessments provided by Salesmasters have been instrumental in streamlining our hiring process and ensuring that we bring in the right talent for our team.

The insights gained from these assessments have not only saved us time and resources but have also contributed significantly to our overall success and development of our salespeople.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Salesmasters and utilising their assessments and expertise for several years now, and I must say, it has made a significant difference for our business.

Phil King - KingBuilt Homes

The process that Salesmasters took us through was clear cut, the way the program was delivered was exceptional.

What I was most impressed with was the follow up afterwards; I believe it is what sets Salesmasters  apart from their competitors.

At the end of the process we set timeframes and realistic goals for all of our team members to follow, then Peter made sure that he kept us accountable by returning and checking in on us at regular intervals.

This is what has helped us to increase sales by 128%, our profits are higher than ever, and the team are settled and confident.

Shannon Roberts - Australian Tyre Traders

We have developed a meaningful relationship with Salesmasters over the years. 

Peter and his team were instrumental in developing our sales framework, which we continue to follow and innovate with Salesmasters as our business grows. 

Peter has worked with our broader team on the science of sales through sales capability and competency training, as well take emerging leaders on their own individual sales leadership training

Brandon Wells - FDB Commercial Interiors

Peter is an outstanding sales trainer and coach at Salesmasters. I had the pleasure of attending several of his training sessions as well as recently contracting him to train my current staff and was blown away by his expertise and ability to communicate complex sales concepts in a clear and practical manner. 

Vernon Thrush - Qld Welding Supplies

We came to Salesmasters lacking direction in our sales endeavours and they brought very clear structure and comprehensive sales processes. They have also supported the ongoing development of our management team and sales team

Dominic Lis - Bishopp

The sales capability solutions that have been produced, are distinctly Bishopp.  This is not an off the shelf solution. 

Salesmasters have taken time to understand our business and our people; and customise the solutions to ensure they work for us. 

These are tools that I can use immediately with my team to drive sales effectiveness