Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you to grow by laying the foundations to build sales capability and supporting you to transform and optimise performance.

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Can you just help me with Sales Training?

Absolutely.  We have been delivering sales skills training for two decades.  There are a few options available:

Signature series that has two main learning journeys.  One is designed to help an individual or team master sales.  The other solution helps Sales Leaders and their teams maximise their sales results.

Sales Skills micro programs that focus on one skill per program.  These programs are designed to help you improve prospecting, qualification, closing techniques and pipeline management.

Sales Mindset coaching is where we offer mini learning programs around each phase of the sales cycle.

Speak to us to find out which solution will best meet your needs.

What is the SME Sales System and how does it add value?

The SME Sales system is a highly customised turn-key solution that is designed for small – medium size leaders’ and business owners to build sales capability.  Partnering with us is the most effective way to ensure the current processes, skills and competences of your sales function are aligned to deliver consistent results.  The SME System is highly valued as it lays the foundations required in sales to scale the business.  We bring deep experience and resources to design, develop and support you to execute the system. 

What is the focus of the SME Sales System?

Nothing happens until a sale is made.  We spend time with our clients addressing these four main areas of sales and revenue growth to lay the foundations for building sales capability:

  1. Sales Strategy, i.e., Sales planning, Sales Process Design
  2. Sales Leadership, i.e., Selecting the sales team, Coaching, Managing for Performance
  3. Sales Operations i.e., Pipeline Management, Prospecting, qualification & closing techniques.
  4. Sales Execution, i.e., Onboarding & induction, Sales Skills Training, Mindset Coaching, designing sales enabling tools.

We don’t prefer or emphasize or stress one area over the other.

We meet you where you are to determine your needs and opportunities and apply the best solution to help you create the best results.

How do you build sales capability?

Understand the role your sales function will play in meeting your business goals. Consider how you want the sales function to perform into the future.  Be clear about what current skills, knowledge and sales capabilities you have in the team and where the gaps are to meet the future business needs.

Partner with us, we can help you identify where you, where you want to be and we will help you get there by designing sales capability resources to ensure your people, systems and processes are aligned.

Are your programs “off-the-shelf” or “custom designed”?

To build sales capability in your business the solution must be customised to your specific business requirements.  “Off-the-shelf” programs may seem like a more economical solution in the short-term, but the team is less likely to adopt the solution if it doesn’t align to what is currently working well & if the “off-the-shelf” program doesn’t address your specific business needs.

Can you help me recruit for my Sales Team?

Salesmasters is committed to ensure that you select the sales team that will best position your business to power into the future.  

Unlike some of our competitors, and from an ethics perspective, we have made a strategic choice not to get involved in the recruitment of Sales Teams.  We believe that it would be “double dipping” if we got involved in recruiting (we would be at risk of recruiting sales professionals we knew from other clients).  

We have built relationships with experienced long-term recruiters who have a solid candidate pool.  We would be happy to introduce you if you need an experienced recruiter.

We will, however, walk side-by-side with you in the selection process that is in assessing (if needed) and selecting the salesperson from candidates you have on a shortlist.  

Our process focuses on who will deliver the best “fit” for your current position.  That is, they can do the job, want the job and will in fact fit with your organisation and team culture. 

What makes your assessments different from others?

Sales Strategy is only as successful as the people behind it.  As an SHL Channel partner, we leverage deep expertise and data-driven insights. We can help sales leaders and their teams get clarity on where they are, where they need to be, and how to select the right people and resources to get there.

Objective assessments are used when selecting and coaching individuals to enable both the sales leader and the individual a framework to make effective selection decisions to measure & monitor performance progress.

Our Sales & Leadership Assessments are effective in both selection and development situations.  Focusing on the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behaviour.

The SHL Sales Model is intuitive to sales professionals as it delivers a relevant description of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in a sales context. As a predictor of performance, the model gives insights into why an individual may or may not perform in a selling situation and will also offer objective information as to whether they will fit within the team/organisational culture.

The SHL Sales Transformation model also reports on how an individual will perform in the new selling environment where digital skills, remote selling, the need to adapt and be resilient are paramount.

In isolation, the data is useless.  It may seem like other assessment reports on findings like ours, however, they don’t look at or measure the same information to draw conclusions as we can with the SHL Assessments.  At Salesmasters, we integrate the models into everything you do to maximise sales capability.

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What makes Salesmasters different from all of the others?

What makes Salesmasters unique among the sales trainers, consultants, and coaches’ consultancies is that our team not only run their own businesses but they are industry-leading executives with an understanding of how to build sales capability within your business to drive sales revenue and profitability. 

We approach every client opportunity with structure and partner with you all the way to ensure the customised solution is implemented and executed into your business.  

So, we will start with determining what is needed to make more sales, then add the best solution to get you there.

I want to grow my business. Should I invest in branding, marketing, or sales first?

Here’s the deal: in a thriving business, branding, marketing, and sales are the dynamic trio that influence the actions of each other.

Brand: Your Blueprint for successWho you are, who you help, what makes you different, and why your clients should care.

Marketing: Where momentum is createdThe awesome and interesting way to get people in front of your message and interested in what you do.

Sales: Your money makerWhere the rubber hits the road.  Where you take interest and turn it into action.

In order to spend money on your brand and marketing you need money. Ignore sales and you will not have a business that needs a brand or marketing.  So if you want to grow your business become effective and efficient in all things sales this will give you the revenue to build the rest.

Do you only work in person or also remotely?

Salesmasters delivers our solutions to meet your business needs.  If this is best face to face, online, virtually or with a blended solution this is the approach we will take. 

Do you work with individuals, small companies, or big companies?

Salesmasters has built a strong reputation in all things sales.  Over the past decade, we have focused specifically on the business-to-business selling environment.  Whether you are flying solo in your own business, own a company with a small sales team, or have built a big organisation our solutions can measurably improve your sales results.

What sort of businesses have you worked with?

We specialise in working with growing organisations who work operate in B2B selling environments typically with 5 or more salespeople.   We also enjoy helping those flying solo who are preparing for growth and want to lay the foundations to build sales capability quickly. 

Do you have experience in my industry?

Over the past 20years we have been exposed to almost every industry from Industrial Sales, Insurance, Financial Services, Legal, Project Home Builders, Business Supplies & Equipment, Wholesalers, Advertising & Marketing, Information Technology Services, Healthcare, Biotechnology to name a few.  We have enjoyed rising to a wide range of complex selling challenges.

Will you try to lock me into a long-term agreement?

Salesmasters enjoy being held accountable for results.  We will not try to lock you into anything. 

Our focus is on designing and implementing solutions that will deliver on an agreed criterion.  If you have the internal capability to execute and implement the solution, we will hand over the developed resources. 

If you need help to execute the solution into the business, we will roll our sleeves up and partner with you as long as it takes to ensure you are seeing results.

What is the criteria for the Money Back Guarantee offer?
  1. The Client agrees to partner with SMI to design and implement each phase of SME Sales System.
  2. The Client will meet design gateway deadlines to ensure key project milestones are met.
  3. The Client has provided all Company specific information including access to subject matter experts (SME’s) that has been requested to support the heavily customised design within 3 working days of request.
  4. The Client will raise issues that are having a negative material impact on the result in writing within 7days of awareness.
  5. The Client engaged Salesmasters to execute & embed the solution into the business through ongoing Consulting and Coaching support.
  6. The Client accepts the SME Sales System has been delivered with success within 45days of handover.
  7. The Client acknowledges the SME Sales System is a flexible framework that will evolve as their business evolves. To enjoy the maximum benefit the system needs to be reviewed annually to ensure it is aligned to best practice.
  8. The Client agrees to conform with our billing terms.