A highly customised sales process delivering more clients, growth, and profit.

Imagine a sales process and methodology that drives consistency, transparency, and efficiency whilst also aligning with your customer’s buying habits.

Sales Systems implemented

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Average conversion rate increase

Effective Sales Process Design

With more than two decades of B2B small business Sales Process design experience, we partner with you throughout these six phases to achieve sales excellence in your business.

Let’s Get Started Review Regularly capture feedback, monitor market conditions, and key metrics. Make necessary adjustments to the sales process as required. Measure Monitor agreed metrics (e.g., length of sales cycle, opportunity win-rates, lead to qualified leads ratio) Implement When rolling out your sales process we are planning for changes needed, identifying gaps and uncovering questions that arise. Document Describe the purpose, activities, expected outcomes and relevant resources for each step of your sales process. Map Capture the flow of the sales process, including the different stages, interactions, and decision points. Discovery Discovery workshop where we systematically explore all the elements that shape the sales journey in your business.

How To Convert More Sales

Replicate what high performing SME businesses do well through a collection of repeatable tasks and behaviours that will generate consistent revenue in 90days or less. SME’s who operate in the top 2% of their sector choose to partner with Salesmasters to consistently critique their sales process for best practice.

A professional and consistent way for you and your sales team to approach, interact, and deliver value to your customers.

A consistent, objective criteria to evaluate opportunities at each stage of the sales funnel.


A common language in the sales process to collaborate and close more deals.

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Why A Well Documented Sales Design Is Crucial For Your Business

” …quicker ramp-up to full productivity, saving time and resources”

In the high-stakes business arena, a well-documented sales design is your strategic playbook. It’s not just about making sales; it’s about making the right sales consistently and predictably. Here’s why it’s indispensable for your business.

Streamlines the Sales Process

A clear sales design eliminates the guesswork. It provides a step-by-step roadmap for your sales team, detailing how to move from prospecting to closing. This clarity ensures everyone knows their role, understands the goals, and follows the same successful formula. It’s about creating a repeatable process that can be scaled and optimized over time.

Enhances Training and Onboarding

Bringing new salespeople up to speed is faster and more effective with a documented sales design. It serves as a training manual that outlines your sales approach, ensuring new hires understand how to engage with prospects and what’s expected of them. This documentation fosters a quicker ramp-up to full productivity, saving time and resources.

Improves Lead Qualification

Not all leads are worth pursuing, and a well-documented sales design helps your team identify the most promising prospects. By defining clear criteria for qualifying leads, your salespeople can focus their efforts on opportunities with the highest potential for conversion, thereby improving efficiency and boosting the bottom line.

Facilitates Consistent Customer Experiences

Consistency is key in building trust with customers. A documented sales design ensures that every customer interaction is aligned with your brand’s values and promises. This consistency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reinforces your brand’s reputation in the market.

Enables Measurable Outcomes

A well-documented sales design allows you to track performance against clearly defined benchmarks. It provides a framework for measuring success, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions. This accountability leads to continuous improvement and growth.

In essence, a well-documented sales design is the backbone of a successful sales operation. It’s about more than just transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships and driving sustainable growth. It’s the difference between a team that performs adequately and one that excels. So, invest the time in crafting a sales design that will serve as the foundation for your business’s success.

Download our Sales Process Discovery Questionnaire

Ready to get started? Building a sales approach and process future proofs your business. It is your blueprint for converting more sales. Take the guesswork out of your sales success. Download our Sales Process Discovery Questionnaire

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Here is what some of our clients have experienced

Our content is rich as we bring decades of experience to address the complex nature of B2B sales today. Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what some of our clients have to say about working with Salesmasters.

A portrait image of Steve martin from MC Global

Steve Martin - MC Global

MC Global engaged Salesmasters International to develop and document our sales process. The entire project was clearly explained and resulted in a well-documented sales process which we have rolled out to our technical staff to improve our sales success globally. We are now well positioned to improve our sales results and drive growth in the business

A portrait image of Huw Pryse Lloyd of Kzen8.

Huw Pryse Lloyd - Kzen8

Salesmasters engineered a world class highly customised sales process which has now positioned us to scale. 

A portrait headshot of Peter Curran from Digital Surfer.

Peter Curran – Digital Surfer

Salesmasters took me through a process to extract everything out of my head about Sales to create a customised sales process. Every step is now documented into a sales playbook. This has allowed us to bring in new salespeople. The induction process is smooth as they are able to be selling from day one.

Questions? We Have Answers

What information do I need to provide to help to build the sales process?

Download the Customer Centric Questionnaire – it provides some key questions you need to think through when developing the sales process.

What has my sales cycle got to do with the sales process?

The sales cycle is the steps that the salesperson goes on to complete the sale.  The sales process explains how the salesperson goes through each step. 

What is the difference between a sales map and a sales playbook?

Sales Map – High-level diagram of the sales process. It identifies the key steps involved in the business sales process, enabling sales professionals to understand the process.

Sales Playbook –Accompanies the high-level sales process map. It describes each step in the sales process with relevant support information and strategies for sales professionals to action the process effectively. Information in the playbook is displayed via infographics and visual aids wherever possible.  

How long will it take to design, build and implement the sales process?

    Depending on the complexity of your sales cycle the design and build stages can take 1-3 months.  Implementation support is usually offered from 3 – 12 months.

    How do you implement a new sales process throughout your organisation?

      The best way to engage your team is to involve them throughout every step in the design of the sales process.  Explain why the sales process is being documented and how it will help them to be successful in sales.