Sales Training That Delivers Results on Repeat.

Our sales training program is grounded in proven methodologies and practical techniques, tailored to elevate your sales team’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

Key Elements Of Our Sales Training Programs

Our sales training programs are designed not only to teach but to inspire and motivate, ensuring your team is competent, confident, and ready to tackle the challenges of the ever-changing sales landscape.

Deeply Understanding the Sales Process

Mastering the basics is key. Our sales training goes deep into the SME sales process. We cover developing a game plan, making contact, building desire, creating options, presenting the right solution, and closing deals. We align theoretical knowledge with practical application to ensure your sales team can efficiently execute each step.

A Safe Environment To Learn And Grow

Fostering a culture of continuous development. Sales training emphasises recording sales presentations and critiquing them constructively. We help your salespeople identify their strengths and areas for improvement, creating a safe environment to learn and grow. This method is aimed at building unity and ongoing development within the sales team.

Utilising Technology

Embrace the next generation of sales technologies. We introduce advanced tools like artificial intelligence to analyse sales conversations, focusing on key areas like budget, authority, and time frame. This tech-savvy approach allows for efficient, real-time feedback and development .

Customised Training Modules

Tailoring the learning experience to individual needs. We break down sales training into manageable parts, from understanding the manufacturing process to mastering unique selling propositions. Our hands-on approach includes taking new recruits on sales calls to observe and learn, ensuring they get practical, real-world experience.

Developing Sales Resilience

Building a resilient, confident sales force. Our sales training engenders the confidence and resilience needed to successfully navigate the pressures of the sales environment. Focused support makes a profound impact, fostering a data-centric culture that drives improvement

Activity-Based Rewards

Shift focus from just sales to the entire sales process. We advocate for rewarding activities that lead to sales rather than just the final sale. This approach ensures a robust pipeline and encourages consistent demonstration of all necessary sales activities from initiating contact to closing the deal.

Sales Enablement Tools

Streamline and optimise the sales process. Our training also covers leveraging sales stack and sales enablement tools, providing your team with the necessary resources to streamline their workflow, improve communication, and enhance overall productivity.

Communication Techniques

Building lasting customer relationships through genuine interaction. Humanising relationships in sales is everything. Our training emphasises the importance of effective communication techniques that build trust, establish credibility, and foster emotional connections with clients. This ensures your sales team can convey value authentically and develop lasting customer relationships.

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You’re In Good Hands

We have already trained over 1,000 Australian SME’s to grow their sales revenue.

Related Services

Sales Training fits into our Sales Ecosystem alongside several related solutions.

Sales Coaching

Hands-on support for leaders and their teams in how to implement the sales process into daily activities, practice sales skills and behaviours expected in real-time.

Sales Keynote Presentations

Have your whole team learn from Peter McKeon directly.  The fastest way to learn about what the Top 2% do well and how to get your business there is to book a keynote.

Sales Playbooks

A well-crafted sales playbook is an indispensable tool for sales teams, acting as a comprehensive guide that captures the essence of your sales processes and strategies.

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Top SMEs Choose Salesmasters’ Sales Training

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what some of our clients have to say about working with Salesmasters.

Portrait image of sales training client Ben Hitchings from Vincents in Brisbane

Ben Hitchings - Vincents

Peter’s training was excellent, offering concise, easily understandable and actional steps.  His engaging content and teaching style make the learning process enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Portrait image of sales training client Brendan Wells from FDB Commercial Interiors Brisbane

Brendan Wells - FDB Commercial Interiors

Peter is an outstanding sales trainer and coach at Salesmasters. I had the pleasure of attending several of his training sessions as well as recently contracting him to train my current staff and was blown away by his expertise and ability to communicate complex sales concepts in a clear and practical manner. 

Sales Training FAQ

How do I know if sales training will make a measurable difference?

If you want quick wins, our sales training can help in the following areas:

  • Margins are dropping.
  • Closing ratios are down.
  • Competition is winning.
  • Consistently dealing with price as an objection.
  • Want to reach an expanding customer base.
  • Hiring new salespeople.
Is Sales Training really that important to building sales capability?

Sales Training is the “pointy end” of the SME Sales System and ensures the business can develop, promote, and retain sales professionals and leaders.

At Salesmasters we offer Sales Training for salespeople, sales teams and their leaders. Sales training provides an opportunity to create a common language and to communicate the sales process to the team so that they can focus on closing skill & mindset gaps to raise their performance.

What is the difference between sales training and coaching?

An effective sales function requires the people and processes to be aligned. Sales Training is most effective in communicating broader messages about systems, processes, and skills. It is a great way to communicate a consistent message to a team.

Coaching ensures individual needs are identified and met. This is where skills are practiced, and behaviours are reinforced to ensure they are supporting the individual to perform at their best.

Will I get an ROI that can be measured from the training or coaching?

In business you can either focus on cutting costs or increasing revenue.  Sales Skills Training is the most effective way of increasing revenue quickly.  Success is maximised when follow up coaching is provided on the job post the training to make sure salespeople have not just learnt the new skills but are applying them at work. Before we develop the sales training or coaching solution for your business, we will work with you to set clear metrics as to how the sales team will be measured post the training or coaching program.

I need training for my sales team, but I can’t take them off the job for too long what do you offer?

We will work with you to create hybrid training options (pre-work, on-demand and live sessions), reinforcement workbooks, practical on the job activities, tools, materials and train-the-trainer sessions so that the sales training delivered is highly effective and becomes and investment in the teams’ success rather than a “one off” event expense. 

How customised is the sales training really?

For high-impact, practical, professional development initiatives for individuals, teams and their leaders the Sales Training and Coaching what we do is highly customised to match your customer buying journey, sales process, and organisational goals.

Sales Training and Coaching developed as part of the SME Sales System framework ensures that you have an end to end solution that will build sales capability and optimise performance.