Customised Sales Training that delivers impactful results, on repeat.

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with waving at your competitors, as you overtake them. That is exactly what Salesmasters has delivered to clients who have partnered with us.

How can we help?

We deliver highly customised sales training and coaching programs for driven organisations that want measurable results.  

Sales Coaching

Hands-on support for leaders and their teams in how to implement the sales process into daily activities, practice sales skills and behaviours expected in real-time.

Sales Keynote Presentations

Direct access to Peter McKeon.  The fastest way to learn about what the Top 2% do well and how to get your business there.

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How Sales Training Works

” Our experience is your leverage.”

Salesmasters International offers renowned sales training and coaching programs, with a focus on building sales excellence within your company, regardless of its scale. Our programs are battle-tested from decades of real-world sales scenarios, ensuring that your team is not only change-ready but also equipped to embrace new challenges with confidence.

We concentrate on upgrading your sales methodologies, understanding that the art of selling is as much about connecting with clients as it is about the transaction. Our training goes beyond methodologies, tapping into the essence of what makes a sales interaction successful – the human connection.

Our fully tailored sales training plans are designed with your specific goals in mind, ensuring a sales training journey that resonates with your team’s unique dynamics. Our renowned sales training includes 

SME Focus

Designed for teams of 4-5 professionals, we aim for rapid and tangible results. Our goal is to see immediate improvements, helping your team to “develop the perfect sales style” that’s authentic to them.

Corporate Sales Training

For larger enterprises with multiple sales teams, our programs are adaptable – available on-site, off-site, or online. We understand the nuances of large-scale operations and are equipped to deliver swift, impactful results.

Personalized Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching is where we get down to the nitty-gritty. We engage in real-life sales scenarios, providing instant feedback to refine your sales process. It’s about turning theory into a practiced art form that delivers results.

Ongoing Success Partnership

For businesses on the brink of significant growth, our ongoing coaching plans are the fuel to your fire. We’re not just a training provider; we’re your “partnership that evolves,” committed to your continuous success.

Result-Oriented Approach

At the heart of Salesmasters is our commitment to driving increased sales through result-oriented coaching. Our ethos is simple: “We lose 100% of the sales we don’t ask for.” Our training is laser-focused on achieving results, covering everything from cold calling to complex negotiations. We ensure your team is motivated, connected, and primed for sales success.

Our Experience, Your Advantage

With a legacy of transforming sales teams, our experience is your leverage. We’ve seen it all, from the “pointy end stuff” to the big wins, and we bring this wealth of knowledge to your doorstep.

The Salesmasters Difference

Embrace a sales philosophy that balances ambition with empathy. We teach you to “hold me to account,” ensuring every interaction with clients is ethical, authentic, and leads to meaningful relationships.

Your Journey to Sales Excellence Begins Here

If you’re looking to scale up but feel constrained by your current setup, let’s assess your situation and transform your team into sales champions.

Our Sales Training Ethos

We believe that, as sales facilitators, we have a very big responsibility to be held accountable for your outcomes which is why we believe so strongly in a sales culture that thrives on accountability and ethical practices, steeped in a nurturing and supportive environment of growth and acceptance. Our sales training packages are about opening up to new ways of relating to clients, being vulnerable, having some humility, and embracing change. We are all students at this game.

Our approach to sales training is human-centric because we’ve seen over and over again that elite sales is not a numbers game but an H2H interaction (human-to-human!). This method is all about finding common ground with clients, listening actively, and engaging in conversations that build trust and foster long-term partnerships. 

This ethos is built on the foundation of “love the client and use the money,” a philosophy that prioritizes client relationships over short-term gains. We instill in your team the importance of creating value for the customer, not just pushing for a sale. 

The landscape of sales is ever-changing, and staying static is not an option. Our ethos is to equip your team with the resilience to adapt and the agility to pivot when the market demands. We don’t just prepare you for the sales of today; we future-proof your sales strategies for the challenges of tomorrow.

Finally, we are deeply unapologetic about prioritizing profitability, but never at the expense of integrity. We believe in conducting business sustainably, ensuring quality products and services that keep your people and clients satisfied. We champion a culture where saying ‘no’ to misaligned opportunities is as important as pursuing the right ones.

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You’re In Good Hands

We have already trained over 1,000 Australian SME’s to grow their sales revenue.

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Find out why we are invited back

Our content is rich as we bring decades of experience to address the complex nature of B2B sales today. Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what some of our clients have to say about working with Salesmasters.

Portrait image of sales training client Ben Hitchings from Vincents in Brisbane

Ben Hitchings - Vincents

Peter’s training was excellent, offering concise, easily understandable and actional steps.  His engaging content and teaching style make the learning process enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Portrait image of sales training client Brendan Wells from FDB Commercial Interiors Brisbane

Brendan Wells - FDB Commercial Interiors

Peter is an outstanding sales trainer and coach at Salesmasters. I had the pleasure of attending several of his training sessions as well as recently contracting him to train my current staff and was blown away by his expertise and ability to communicate complex sales concepts in a clear and practical manner. 

Sales Training FAQ

How do I know if sales training will make a measurable difference?

If you want quick wins, our sales training can help in the following areas:

  • Margins are dropping.
  • Closing ratios are down.
  • Competition is winning.
  • Consistently dealing with price as an objection.
  • Want to reach an expanding customer base.
  • Hiring new salespeople.
Is Sales Training really that important to building sales capability?

Sales Training is the “pointy end” of the SME Sales System and ensures the business can develop, promote, and retain sales professionals and leaders.

At Salesmasters we offer Sales Training for salespeople, sales teams and their leaders. Sales training provides an opportunity to create a common language and to communicate the sales process to the team so that they can focus on closing skill & mindset gaps to raise their performance.

What is the difference between sales training and coaching?

An effective sales function requires the people and processes to be aligned. Sales Training is most effective in communicating broader messages about systems, processes, and skills. It is a great way to communicate a consistent message to a team.

Coaching ensures individual needs are identified and met. This is where skills are practiced, and behaviours are reinforced to ensure they are supporting the individual to perform at their best.

Will I get an ROI that can be measured from the training or coaching?

In business you can either focus on cutting costs or increasing revenue.  Sales Skills Training is the most effective way of increasing revenue quickly.  Success is maximised when follow up coaching is provided on the job post the training to make sure salespeople have not just learnt the new skills but are applying them at work. Before we develop the sales training or coaching solution for your business, we will work with you to set clear metrics as to how the sales team will be measured post the training or coaching program.

I need training for my sales team, but I can’t take them off the job for too long what do you offer?

We will work with you to create hybrid training options (pre-work, on-demand and live sessions), reinforcement workbooks, practical on the job activities, tools, materials and train-the-trainer sessions so that the sales training delivered is highly effective and becomes and investment in the teams’ success rather than a “one off” event expense. 

How customised is the sales training really?

For high-impact, practical, professional development initiatives for individuals, teams and their leaders the Sales Training and Coaching what we do is highly customised to match your customer buying journey, sales process, and organisational goals.

Sales Training and Coaching developed as part of the SME Sales System framework ensures that you have an end to end solution that will build sales capability and optimise performance.